We can read in historical sources that on the site of this house there stood in 1648 the home of Mr. Jiri Vaclavu and his wife Salomena, number 20.
In 1657 in the foundation book it is written that Martin Vomacka, otherwise Hadek, acquired this building upon his marriage to Elizabeth, Jiri Vaclav’s daughter.
On 4th May 1698, Jiri Hadek bought half of the building from his father, Martin Vomacka, otherwise Hadek. The second half was bought on 3rd March 1706 by Vaclav Hadek from his father, Martin Vomacka or Hadek, later becoming house no. 21.
In 1868 this house was built from stone; until then it was, like the other houses on the square, wooden. From about the same year till 1872, the house was the headquarters of the police. The owner of the house was Mr. Antonin Hadek, a businessman dealing in leather.
In the 20th century it housed, among others, a shop of Zelezny Brod glass and an optician’s.
The Detesk company has owned this house since 2007.





First part of the reconstruction

The Detesk company bought this house in 2007. Soon after that, partial reconstruction started; a complete change of roof was necessary. In 2008 a company shop was opened in the reconstructed ground floor areas. In the first part of the reconstruction, the front of the house facing the square was repaired.




 Second part of the reconstruction

The planned main reconstruction of this old house, together with the expansion of other exhibition areas in the newly built part, was begun in summer 2013. On 24th July 2014 a new shop was opened and on 18th September 2014 also the rest of the house, including the museum and the gallery.